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Japanese Hot Pot


OPEN DAILY 17:00-22:00

A Taste of Tradition for the Hotpot connoisseur

After 20 years creating exceptional hotpot experience in Hong Kong we have now expanded our legacy to Niseko, Japan's snowy paradise.  Experience our exquisite soups, premium ingredients and the freshest seafood and the finest selection of meats including A5 Wagyu Beef.  We invite you to savour an extraordinary dining experience conveniently located in Niseko's Prime Hirafu region and well positioned to capture stunning views of Mount Yotei.

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Authentic and Home Made Soup Base

We take great pride in our soup base, is the epitome of Him Kee Hot Pot. We emphasise slow cooking our soups which provide high nutritional value, meticulously preparing the soup base to extract the utmost essence from the ingredients. Every mouthful of the soup base delivers an extraordinary taste sensation, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate pleasure of premium hot pot dining.  

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Premium and Exquisite  Ingredients

We take great pride in selecting the finest local ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality so you can relish the outstanding textures and rich flavours during your hot pot experience.


Savour the Flavors of Hong Kong

In addition to our traditional and authentic soup bases and sauces, we offer Hong Kong's signature dishes, such as Handmade Meatballs, Squid Balls, Dumplings, and Wontons and our signature Shrimp Cake along with dipping sauces commonly used in .  Whether you're craving the delights of Hong Kong cuisine or seeking new culinary experiences, our hot pot will treat you to a unique and delicious feast.


Wide selection of exquisite sake, wine and whiskey

We offer a selection of exquisite sake, whiskey, wines, beers and  cocktails and much more to perfectly complement your meal allowing you to indulge in a remarkable hot pot feast within a luxurious atmosphere.

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